Friday night run


I took off at about 8pm, I was still soaked before I made it three miles. Overall a pretty uneventful run until around mile 19 when I turned of highway 24 back on to the country road leading to my house. It was about 1130, it was finally cooling off a bit. I took out my ear-buds and could hear a chorus of bullfrogs, crickets and other woodland creatures. I decided to turn off my head lamp and even though there was an almost perfect full moon, it was very red and did little to light my path. I found however, that I could just make out the white line on the road so I ran for several miles watching fireflies light up in the woods. I saw the lights of a car coming from behind so I stepped off of the road just slightly and instantly went ass over tea-kettle as I tripped on some sort of big metal thing. As I fell I could feel the headlamp slipping off of my head and launching itself into the night. Fortunately the car turned off so the driver did not see me on all fours like Velma from Scooby Doo searching for her glasses. Fortunately I found my headlamp and went on my way no worse for the wear. I made it home just before midnight and did in fact take Saturday off. I also unfortunately took Sunday off since both days were spent slaving on my deck. Total for the week was pathetic, 38 Miles, but my deck is coming along nicely..


2 responses to “Friday night run

  1. John,

    Let me first start off by saying “thank you” for including me in your journey to help others. I greatly appreciate that I can help those Special Operators of MARSOC in this small way.

    Keep placing one foot in front of the other….and soon you will be reaching for the finish line.

    As a NRA Board Member, I know the “road least traveled” is sometimes frought with obstacles, but as a proud Grandson of a Marine who landed on Iwo Jima….I can still hear him saying…push through it!

    All my best to you….


    Joseph P. DeBergalis, Jr.

  2. Thanks Joe, your support means a lot. I will keep your Grandfather’s words in my thoughts. It’s great advicefrom someone who knew what he was talking about.

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